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What We Do

Accident investigation serviceParamount Detective Agency Inc. offers confidential and professional private investigations of all types, including:

Asset Searches

Locate assets, hidden or unknown. Trace history from beginning to the present.

Accident Investigations

Locate and interview witnesses; locate and photograph accident sites, surroundings and equipment.

Background Information

Track historical information to the present: courts (civil/criminal/bankruptcy) statewide and nationwide, as well as business relationships, education, work history, etc.


Determine living arrangements to assist the court in termination of alimony payments; child custody, etc.


When there is potential harm to children (physical; emotional; etc.), Paramount Detective Agency Inc. can document activities so the court has accurate information to make good rulings. We testify and work with you, your attorney, guardian ad litem; counselors; etc. to make sure the truth is told.


Is confidential information known outside your home or office? We will help resolve the problem.


When you really need to know --- Paramount can assist with accurate information to help with live-changing decisions.

Due Diligence

Make informed decisions with accurate information from Paramount Detective Agency Inc.

Hard to Service Process?

People who know the system can avoid service for a long time. Paramount can locate and get them served. Reach us today to make an appointment.


458 East 200 South
Salt Lake City Utah 84111

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