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Businesses, attorneys, professionals, and individuals have trusted Paramount Detective Agency in Salt Lake City for more than 60 years to deliver the information they need.  


We hold client confidentiality to the highest standard.  Your privacy is of the utmost importance and will be protected.  

Hiring a private investigator can be a heavy decision.  We know you may be concerned about confidentiality.  Clients have trusted Paramount Detective Agency of Salt Lake City to handle their most private and confidential problems for over 60 years.  Our specialists are experienced, creative, and efficient, using all the lasted techniques and surveillance equipment to deliver accurate, detailed information.

Consultations are free. Contact us today at 801-808-2309 to set up an appointment to discuss what we can do for you. Much of our information becomes evidence for court proceedings.  Consult your attorney to see how he or she thinks employing a private investigator could help.  It could be the best legal decision you’ll ever make.

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